Eligibility Policies and Procedures

Application Policies and Procedures:

  • Any public or private school in Palm Beach or Martin County is eligible to apply.
  • Applications must be received in full, electronically, by the due date.
  • Documentation and narratives in the Application must address school activities and initiatives from the current school year including those planned after the application due date. Ongoing activities from previous years may be noted in the application narrative if these activities are being maintained or are being expanded during the current year.

Green Schools of Excellence Application Procedures:

  • Schools that receive “Green School of Excellence” status may choose to submit a “Green Schools of Excellence Application,” which is an abbreviated application.
  • Schools who submit this application are ineligible for top 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place cash awards and Judge’s Choice Awards.
  • This abbreviated application may be submitted each year for a maximum of TWO years. After two years, a full GSRP Application must be submitted. (NOTE: this revised policy applies to all schools that earn Excellence status with a full application as of 2019; schools that earned Excellence status with full application in 2018 may still elect to submit abbreviated application for up to three years, with full application required in 2022.)    
  • Abbreviated applications are due on the same date as regular applications.

Awards and Cash Prize Policies

  • Checks for cash prizes are made out to schools, not individuals (with the exception of Green Teacher, Green Principal, Green Staff, and Green Student), and are mailed to schools after the Awards Ceremony.
  • After winning a first place cash award, a school is ineligible to win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place cash awards for the next three years. During this time, in order for a school to maintain its School of Excellence status, it must submit either a full Application or an abbreviated “Green School of Excellence Application” (see above). Then, in the fourth year, a full application will be required and the school again becomes eligible to receive top cash awards.

Listed below are previous 1st place winners and the year in which they will become eligible for top cash prizes.

Year Awarded             School                          Year Eligible for Top Cash Awards

2014                            Pine Jog Elementary                    2018

2015                            Grassy Waters Elementary          2019

2016                            Bright Futures Academy              2020

2017                            Oxbridge Academy                       2021

2018                            A.D. Henderson/FAU High           2022

 For more information about the Green Schools Program, please call or email Lauren Butcher at lbutcher2013@fau.edu or (561) 686-6600