The Green Schools Application Form provides detailed instructions on how to assemble your application for Green Schools recognition. It also includes a copy of the required Cover Sheet that must be included at the beginning of every application. Please carefully read the application form, and follow all directions when writing, assembling, and submitting your application.

2018-2019 Green Schools Application Form - COMING SOON!

Steps to apply:

    • Attend an Introductory Workshop: Before you can submit your application, someone from your school must attend a free Green Schools Workshop or complete the online training (this is mandatory for all new applicants). The in-person workshops are held in the fall each year. These trainings will give you the basic information you’ll need to help your school take successful steps towards sustainability. You can register for a  FREE in-person workshop or complete our FREE online training .
    • Form a Green Team at your school. Assess where you currently are based on the rubric, and plan new green initiatives. Your entire school should work to implement and document these initiatives throughout the year.
    • Write and assemble your application. The application cover page and instructions are included in the application. The major components of the application include:
      • A cover sheet completed and signed by the principal, SAC chair (if applicable), and two lead teachers
      • A one-page summary of your school’s green activities
      • Detailed descriptions and documentation of your school's green activities for each rubric category
      • Six high-quality photos showcasing your school's green activities
    • Submit your application on the Green Schools website.  Follow the directions to submit your application and photo files.


2018-19 Applications are due on Tuesday, March 5, 2019!

  • Please note, if your school is currently recognized as a Green School of Promise, Quality or Excellence, you are not required to attend a Green Schools Recognition Program Workshop. However, you are still required to submit an application each year to maintain your Green Schools status and to give notice to Lauren Butcher ( of your school’s intent to apply. An email will be sent in December requesting your intent to apply.

 For more information about the Green Schools Program, please call or email Lauren Butcher at or (561) 686-6600