Pine Jog OrKIDS Project 

OrKids: In-class botany program for middle and high school students


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OrKid students participate in an in-class botany program where they grow native, endangered Florida orchids while conducting research that feeds directly into our propagation lab, helping to restore the native orchids to both urban and natural areas across Palm Beach County, and to further the science of rare plant propagation.  The hands-on experiences provided in this program increases the students’ awareness of the plant kingdom, and provide a better understanding of restoration ecology.  In addition to the in-class program, students participate in native restoration days and work to install native gardens on their school property. 

Program Highlights:

  • CoLAB
  • OrKIDS Curriculum
  • Million Orchid Campaign




The CoLAB is a state of the art plant micro-propagation laboratory opened by Pine Jog in 2015.  The main purpose of the lab is to propagate native wild orchids for use in restoration and education programming.  The lab is called the CoLAB because Pine Jog has placed extra emphasis on keeping the lab as an open resource to the general community. As a result the CoLAB at Pine Jog is operated primarily by volunteer support!

OrKIDS Curriculum

Pine Jog has developed a series of lessons to be used in local schools to teach students about plant science and the importance of conservation.  Recently. Pine Jog was awarded an Impact 100 Grant to expand this program to 12 schools with service to more than 1000 students. 


FLORA-Florida Orchid Revitalization Areas

FLORA's are sponsored locations throughout our service area that will receive native orchids into their green spaces.  These revitalization areas could be neighborhoods, school grounds, parks, businesses...just about anywhere native orchids may thrive. Entities provide financial assistance for raising the orchids and we place the orchids under their care on their location to protect and enjoy. Would you like native orchids in your neighborhood, school, business or park? Call us to find out how.