Exotic Plant Removal

Looking to exercise your green thumb? Come join the Pine Jog Green Team and work along side our land manager to aid in property beautification, trail maintenance, exotic plant removal, native landscaping, and other outdoor activities.

Pine Jog's physical and natural resources are managed with the goal to support the Center's environmental education mission by: 1) continuing to protect, enhance, and effectively manage native communities and biological diversity found at Pine Jog, 2) maintain, improve, and build facilities that will serve Pine Jog's education and operating needs in a fiscally and environmentally sustainable manner and 3) creating and maintaining a functional matrix of trail systems and correlating interpretation that will enhance and foster public and programmatic education.

How Our Volunteers Assist

How our volunteers assist

  • Completed five native landscapes in partnership with Habitat for Humanity
  • Collaborated with the Veterans Hospital to install a sensory garden
  • Logs an average of 1,500 hours of volunteer service annually
  • Maintains 132 acres of preserved green space and 3 miles of walking trails
  • Maintains a beautiful wetland for educational purposes
  • Is in the process of revitalizing the wild orchid population at Pine Jog