Pine Jog Co-Lab Wraps Up 2015-16 Year

Tuesday, May 03, 2016
Student at Co-Lab Club

Fourth and fifth-grade students at Pine Jog Elementary who are enrolled in the after-school program had the opportunity to join Co-lab Club this year, which is a new club geared towards engaging elementary students in environmental science. Over the course of the year, the club serviced 26 students. These students conducted lab experiments, and demonstrations, and participated in conservation projects in the FAU Pine Jog Community Lab. Some of the experiments and demonstrations included topics such as photosynthesis, leaf structures, and DNA. Students also took an active role in the Fairchild Million Orchid Project, becoming some of the youngest orchid propagators in the country. As part of the project, they learned sterile technique, practiced proper technique under the Laminar Flow Hood, and mixed orchid growth media using real lab equipment.

Students in Co-lab walk away with experience working in an operating lab, which provides them with a positive setting, structured experiences, and practice in practical science concepts outside of the classroom which increases confidence in their science abilities that can open their eyes to the STEM field.

Co-lab Club student reflections on the experiences in the lab:

“I feel like a real scientist!”  –Emerson

“I loved being on a team and working under the hood!”  –Ashlyn

“Now I know why my mom’s favorite subject is science-this is so cool!”  –Ryan

Pre/Post Test Attitude Scale showed increases in overall student agreement measured on a Likert scale of the following statements:

Working in a science lab would be an interesting way to make a living.

I would like to teach science when I leave school.

I would prefer to do my own experiments than to find out information from a teacher.

Science can make the world a better place in the future.