Pine Jog Graduate Assistants Complete Degrees!

Saturday, Jun 06, 2020
Grad Students Zheng and Niu

The FAU Pine Jog team wishes to congratulate  Lida Niu and Mingkai Zheng  on successfully completing their master’s degree in Environmental Education at FAU, and graduate assistantship with FAU Pine Jog Environmental Education Center. Students that successfully apply for the degree and assistantship are prepared for career positions in environmental education upon graduation. We wish them the very best as future change-makers in the field of E.E. in the years to come!

Mingkai Zheng  (left) grew up in Zhengzhou, Henan province, China and studied Business Administration at Zhengzhou SIAS International University. Mingkai’s 2020 FAU capstone research project focused on how Virtual Reality (VR) may practically contribute to learning in the environmental education field. Mingkai plans to pursue his interest in VR in his future career.


Lida Niu  (Right) grew up in Luoyang city in the Henan province of China and studied Electronics and Engineering at Zhengzhou SIAS International University. Lida’s 2020 FAU capstone research project examined the critical elements required to establish a successful nature center in the USA. On graduation, Lida plans to build on his career in education with the goal of developing more environmentally literate communities.