Pine Jog OrKIDS Project

OrKids provides Palm Beach County middle and high school students the opportunity to participate in the Million Orchid Project at Pine Jog.  An in-class orchid propagation program, OrKids places mini botany labs into the classroom, and provides the opportunity for students and community members to participate in local natural area restoration projects.

OrKids students learn how to think critically about the plant world by interacting with native, rare, and endangered orchids daily for an entire school year. During that year, they collect, and analyze significant, publishable scientific data that helps inform the field on native plant conservation. They also learn the concepts of habitat restoration and endangered species care and protection through a series of educational lessons designed by Pine Jog professionals to engage these students and inspire them to continue on  as capable, environmental stewards. 

Program Highlights:

  • In-class botany labs
  • OrKid Curriculum
  • Natural Area restoration

kids under hood

In-class Botany Labs

Each OrKids classroom receives a mini botany lab. These labs provide all the necessary requirements for the native orchids to grow and thrive. Students participate in observational and manipulative research projects throughout the year, exploring the effects of various growing conditions on the success of the orchids. The students interact with the mini-lab and the orchids on a weekly, or sometimes daily basis, forming a unique connection that opens the door to the interesting world of botany.  



OrKIDS Curriculum

Pine Jog has developed a series of lessons to be used in local schools to teach students about plant science and the importance of conservation. Through the curricular program students will explore the world of botany, study land use maps and document the changes in land use over time, be introduced to idea of native plant restoration, and plan their own restoration project.  


Recently, Pine Jog was awarded an Impact 100 Grant to expand this program, providing us the opportunity to reach a large number of middle and high school students throughout Palm Beach County.